Portrait Session

In portrait sessions, you can give me ideas about what you want the portraits for, and I will schedule a photoshoot for you. I will edit the best pictures, and give you them along with all the unedited, raw photos. Use these pictures for headshots, profile pics, framable memories, and more!

$35 for 30 minutes

$65 for 1 hour

$160 for 2.5 hours

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Senior Portraits

For senior portraits, it will usually take less time than the portrait session, and focus on getting 1-3 good pictures. You will still get all the raw files of course, but I will edit just the best ones. These will be perfect for leaving a lasting image of yourself for whomever reads the yearbook.

$25 for 15 minutes

$35 for 30 minutes

$90 for 90 minute session

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I am always happy to be there to document, arguably, one of the most important events in your life! I can be unintrusive, and am willing to put up with all manner of family members to get the right shot. I can also do group portraits, dress shots, ring shots, bride and groom portraits, and many more. I will give you all of the best pictures, with editing done to make them just that much better. I offer half day and full day options, with no difference in quality of service.

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Event Photography

Whether your event be a show, recital, speech, graduation, or most any other, I will be happy to be there taking pictures for you! Make sure this event of yours isn't a one time thing; preserve the experience in an album. I will give you all the raw pictures in an online album, with you retaining all print rights. I can also edit the best pictures for you!

$60 per hour

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